NAPNES Nursing Certifications

NAPNES LPN/LVN Certification in Long-Term Care


The NAPNES LPN/LVN Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC) is a comprehensive program covering the entire lifespan of individuals considered elderly and/or chronically ill. The NAPNES CLTC is a certification in Long-Term Care that has been recognized in the healthcare industry for decades.  This revised version includes new theories in Long-Term Care across the life span and e-learning.  The LPN, CLTC designation confirms to employers that the candidate is knowledgeable in long-term care and is engaged in skill-building.


The CLTC courseware sometimes reviews and other times introduces participants to the concepts, skills, and techniques associated with geriatric and long-term care (LTC) nursing. The curriculum includes theory related to nursing care provided to geriatric patients, and providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the long term care, chronically ill patient. The certification program includes a review of anatomy and physiology, and therapeutic/modified diets for various body systems. Pharmacological interventions and commonly used medications for the body systems are addressed and covered in detail. 


NAPNES Approved for 45 CE Hours.

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