IV Therapy Certification

NAPNES LPN/LVN IV Therapy Certification (IVTC)

NAPNES Nursing Certifications now offers National Association of Practical Nurse Education and Service (NAPNES) approved courseware for LPN/LVN Post Licensure in IV (intravenous) Therapy.

The IV Therapy Certification Program is a wonderful opportunity for LPNs/LVNs who want to improve and enhance their IV skills for practice to the limits of their statesfullest extent to their Nurse Practice Act.

Specific to IV Therapy Certification the administration of medications and IV Therapy is dependent on your state regulations. It is important that youknow your states practice regulations for the Practical/Vocational nursing profession.
IV Therapy Certification is an additional certification that the LPNs/LVNs can prepare to enhance their practice skills.

A LPN/LVN who is interested in IV therapy, phlebotomy, or expanding their practice skills will benefit greatly from an IV Therapy Certification.

Certification in IV Therapy shows employers, patients, colleagues, and the public that you are dedicated to excellence in caring for your patients. It indicates that you have achieved a level of knowledge in IV Therapy in order to receive certification.

Certification is an investment that will differentiate you from your peers and can earn great rewards.
This learned and earned excellence includes increased professional credibility, recognition of your expertise, greater impact as a job candidate, and a heightened sense of personal achievement.

Medical math is an integral component of this certification program.

Textbooks are required for each course and are not included. Don’t forget to visit the online bookstore to purchase your textbook.

NAPNES Approved for 45 CE Hours – For Licensed Professionals.

There are 3 steps before beginning your course.

STEP 1: NAPNES Certification Registration
STEP 2: NAPNES Certification Payment
3 Year Registration $100 ($50 for Military/Veterans)
STEP 3: Course Registrationand Payment ($295)

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